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Management Services, Stonebridge Companies, Colorado

Hospitality Management Services

Stonebridge Hospitality Management is built on sharp insights, operational rigor, and collaboration. Our services include Sales & Marketing, Revenue Management, Risk Management, Technology, Digital Strategy, Finance & Accounting, and Food & Beverage Management.

Our hotel management departments engage with hotel managers and team members frequently to capture incremental revenue, drive profitability, position the hotel as a standout among the competition, and improve overall guest experience. We designate brand experts who communicate key brand information and new initiatives to the appropriate hotels and help create and implement hotel-specific strategies to drive growth and performance.

We are a hands-on organization and are frequently on-property with our hotel team members. Both formal and one-on-one training for all associates is a key commitment of the operations team.

Management objectives are crafted around maximization of revenues and profit optimization to increase the value of each asset. We measure success through hotel revenue and margin growth, guest satisfaction scores, and additional metrics that make the most sense for each hotel and market.

Management Services, Stonebridge
Sales & Marketing, Stonebridge Hospitality Management

Sales + Marketing

Stonebridge Hospitality Management has a depth of sales and marketing talent at the corporate office that provides direct support to our hotels. We believe that our revenue growth year-after-year is enriched by their expertise and dedication to training, guiding, and elevating the performance of hotel team members.

We strategically plot our revenue growth at each hotel during annual planning sessions, with frequent measurements and discussions to track progress and adjust strategies as needed. Our goal is for every hotel to perform above-plan every month with the support of the sales and marketing team.

Our sales and marketing services include franchise marketing, brand marketing, selection and implementation of advertising and collateral (digital and traditional), developing annual business plans, backyard promotions, public relations, weekly and monthly reporting, training through our sales academy, and support with major accounts management.

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Revenue Management, Stonebridge Hospitality Management

Revenue Management

Stonebridge Hospitality Management provides revenue management support to each hotel on a daily basis. Our revenue management experts are responsible for analyzing and optimizing revenues from all available sources and helping to fill our hotel rooms with the right guests, from the right booking channels, at the right rates.

Our revenue management team provides analytic skills blended with knowledge of hotel sales, reservation systems, direct and third-party booking tools, and guest needs. This formula is key to maximizing revenue growth and driving increased profitability. Our team works in concert with franchise partners, third-party channel representatives, hotel team members, and all available resources to ensure we deliver the most profitable mix of business to ownership while gaining market share and maintaining an advantageous value proposition with the guest.

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Risk Management, Stonebridge Hospitality Management

Risk Management

In an era where risk is increasing, many unique challenges face our risk management specialists every day. The goal of the Risk Management team at Stonebridge Hospitality Management is to minimize risk at every level.

We analyze the exposure of each asset using effective risk management tools and programs at each hotel, as well as at our corporate office. Our loss control initiatives are designed to identify and reduce costly trends, such as team member injuries, property losses, and liability claims.

We have established internal controls, policies, procedures, and comprehensive training programs to mitigate loss. Our claims professionals supervise claim handling and investigations from reporting to litigation in accordance with each state's requirements.

Insurance coverage for assets, new programs, workman's comp, builder's risk, employment practices, employee fidelity, and hazardous situations are shopped carefully while leveraging our portfolio of 65+ hotels.

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Food & Beverage, Stonebridge Hospitality Management

Food & Beverage

Our vision is to be recognized as a proven leader in complimentary breakfast offerings, complimentary social hour receptions, event planning, and fine dining. We are committed to delivering the best possible guest experience in presentation, service, and food and beverage quality at all applicable hotels within our portfolio. We believe that whether we offer a guest a complimentary continental breakfast or are hosting a dinner event for 500 people, attention to detail and execution is a key to our success.

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Technology, Stonebridge Hospitality Management


Stonebridge Hospitality Management believes that technology drives growth, enhances the customer experience, and influences the bottom line. To avoid falling behind the technology curve, we pay close attention to what guests are buying and expecting from their hotel experience. At the same time, technology is evolving at such a rapid pace that we will tread methodically, focus on the customer, and invest in solutions that will provide ultimate efficiencies now and in the future. We are committed to investing in the necessary tools to inspire growth and greatness.

Digital Strategy, Stonebridge Hospitality Management

Digital Strategy

Stonebridge Hospitality Management knows and understands the value of direct website bookings and the avenues that drive revenue. The Digital Strategy department employs seasoned professionals in both the hospitality and online marketing world to ensure their online hotel presence operates effectively and competitively.

Stonebridge Digital Strategy services include cutting-edge website design, online content management, social media engagement, digital advertising, email marketing, reputation management, search engine marketing, search engine optimization, and digital brand execution. Our team is focused on delivering specialized creative content that allows our hotels to lead the way over their respective comp sets. Digital bookings continue to grow across our industry each year. People access and book hotels using a variety of devices, tools, and websites. Our Digital Strategy department helps ensure that our hotels are prevalent, enticing, and bookable wherever guests are looking.

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Finance & Accounting, Stonebridge Hospitality Management

Finance & Accounting

Stonebridge Hospitality Management has a built a cohesive finance and accounting department. Our systems are automated for efficiencies that provide real-time financial reporting. Centralized services for processing of accounts payable and other support services are activated at our corporate office. Timely cash flow and financial statements are generated to our investors and clients.

We conduct monthly financial analysis of each hotel's history against annual budget and business plans. Both top line and bottom line performance is analyzed with cross-sectional bench marking techniques. Daily reports and other systems are frequently reviewed for enhancement with the latest technology solutions.

Payables are processed daily as invoices are received and Stonebridge Companies enjoys extensive credit lines with all vendors. Procurement is streamlined at the properties, with major purchases negotiated through our corporate office. Economies of scale, created by the size of our portfolio, provide purchasing leverage that improves profit margins.

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